El Ermitaño – Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida



For clarity, the original title is El Pescador (The Fisherman) and I’ve name my “reinterpretation” The Hermit.

This isn’t one of Sorolla’s more famous works*, but I thought it lent itself well to a transformation into Old Ben.

* – quite a lot of these are naked children running around on beaches. A bit like the cover of “Houses of the Holy” (which you can find elsewhere on this site) something that could get an artist into bother these days.


The Trade Federation Ambassadors – Holbein

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA rare dip into the prequel trilogy for this one. I might think Episodes I*, II, and III were a waste of time … and they were … but this painting screamed out for these two jokers.

I still feel like I need a shower, though.

* I still find it hard to understand why I was so excited by Episode I back in 1999 that I flew to the US for the opening day.  I already knew the backdrop to the story was a trade dispute.  A trade dispute! 


Leia Organa – Andy Warhol

Leia OrganaIf I had to choose one member of the Star Wars cast I’d like to meet, it’d be Carrie Fisher.

This is, of course, “in the style of” rather than a direct desecration of the original work, though given that used publicity stills from Niagara, this was made in much the same way (at least in terms of source material origin).

The originals … of which there are many … made millions of dollars for Warhol.  This one, if it were to be sold, would only make money for George Lucas (or perhaps that’d be Mickey Mouse now).